The Circle that Fuels Our Lives

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My anthropology degree informs me that when women gathered together, they shared their stories.  It’s in their blood.  They shared where they had been in life, what they desired in the moment, and what their hopes were for a better future.  They talked all day long, holding each other, affirming each idea.   These women held nothing back.

And I believe that is the true energy of real women today.   Because real women are expressive; they feel, they share, and they lead.  

Women from the hunter and gatherer societies came together with knowledge and wisdom, and with an ambition to keep all histories and lessons sacred.  No need to repeat a lesson learned – just sit in a circle and learn from the stories.  It was ceremonial, but it was also a way of life.

I am saddened by the women today who are in the fringes – far from any women’s circles –  enduring failing bodies, tired minds, and missed opportunities.  They are giving all of their energy to one cause, whether it be their job or family, and their own “cause” is dying inside.  They complain that their drive has left them.  They are so heavily tasked that they are no longer partaking in community.

I don’t want this for you.  I don’t want you to be the woman attending to her body in a doctor’s office; I want you to attend to your body in a health club.  I don’t want you to be the woman lying in the hospital bed; I want you to be lying on a sandy beach!  

I don’t want you to be drawn far away from your dreams and left with a body and mind that work against you.  This is not what the tribal women intended at all.  They had a feminine strength, a sense of courage, and they shared their power.

I want you to know the peace of a healthy body.  

When my children were younger, I felt that I was living in the fringes, too.  24 hours of my day was wrapped around that.  Of course, it is “nature” that puts women to work, but we must allocate a little “nurture” for our own spiritual, physical, and mental needs.  Otherwise, we have a motherless world.

When we lose track of our health, it is usually because we signed on to care for those who mean so much to us that no pain or red flag can capture our attention.  I understand this journey very well.  I am a very busy mom, even now that my children are grown, and I had to seek a new, improved mindset in order to recoup my health.  It wasn’t easy because it went against my instinct to nurture others first.

But I had to stop.   My exhausting was eating me alive.

I can honestly say if I had been in circles with women and sharing stories, sharing support, feeling inspired, and witnessing achievements, I know I would have saved myself sooner from the total depletion of health I was experiencing each day.

When women have circles of other wise women to count on, they stay in their wisdom, they honor their experiences, and they make great choices from a place of knowledge – not from a place of scarcity or fear.  

I am so grateful to the women who have taught me about insurance, core values, spirituality, law, health and well being.  Name any topic and I can name a woman I admire who lead me down the path of exploration and hope.  

Again, my love for the social sciences introduced me to tribal women, their histories and talking circles.  Profoundly vulnerable, they sat and shared their stories, lifted each other up, and endured outrageous circumstances season upon season, but they came through triumphantly because they did not let their wisdom die within.  They shared everything they knew and gave to one another from their heart and their spirit just as we are called to do today.   

Essential then and essential now, stories are the fuel of our blessed lives.


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  • When my first baby was little I was very lonely as a stay at home mom so I joined a moms bibe study and met Elisa and her baby. Together we joined forces and found a few other mothers and eventually formed a weekly playgroup for “our children”.
    Over the years this group of women eventually became six of us. We met weekly and talked of everything from parenting to personal health, our marriages, our parents and all the topics of life
    This group, Elisa, Emily, Alicia, Jeanne, and Michele have had the largest impact on my life outside of my birth family and I draw much of my strength from them.
    I believe it is essentual that every woman have a group like them. So far we have been together for 20 years, and ohhh the stories we tell.


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