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My Mission is Illuminating Women

Just like you, my self-care is a priority. I understand that I am my very best when I
attend to my core needs. But even with routines in place, life pulls me in a thousand
directions and I find myself asking: How can I attend to ME? How can I stay true to

…Because it is so easy to get going on overload and attend to everyone’s needs and
completely leave myself out of my day!
I know you are no different. Yet at the end of the day, after loving your family, your
work, and your community, there is nothing left for you. Nothing!
And this is the path to burn out and fatigue.

I witnessed this same crisis while growing up in Walla Walla; I saw my mother
experiencing extreme fatigue in her forties. She would literally crawl across the
living room floor because her arthritis was so acute, it was easier to crawl than to
muster the energy and stand. I felt “called” to help her and I vowed that this would
never happen to me. I would keep my health. I would minister to women who were
steeped in the needs of others and missing out on their own lives.
You could say my mission was born.

Health and wellness is one of the prime values I give my day to, and I am grateful to
be physically fit. I work hard at it and I advocate this lifestyle to all women. But
when it comes to self-care — and I really mean attuning to my heart-center – I am
consumed by the needs of others, and my needs slip off the map. I am ever-
reminded of my mother’s degeneration and early death.
It’s real. It happens to loving, smart women every day and I can’t accept that.
And you shouldn’t either.

Your life is precious. Every breath you take prepares you for the life you have now
and the one you will live tomorrow. Your heart wants the experience of
ILLUMINATION – a brightness that brings you in solid alignment with your gifts.
As much as I attend to my body, I know I must attend to my heart, my breath, my
spirit, and my gifts. I won’t lie to you — I know I cannot do this alone. I must be in
communion with dedicated women who prioritize their well-being. You know what
I am talking about because you feel this calling inside of you. It is what women of
greatness share.

Your gifts have not left you. They are merely waiting to be illuminated!

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  • I so agree that we are here to shine! Together and individually. We have great purpose and it is our inner illumination that lights up when we stand in the presence of our gifts. How radiant we become for others. To be a way shower, a guiding light, a soul sister, a voice of confidence…..we are so much and yes it is our time! I am so looking forward to the incredible line up of inspiration at the Illuminate your gifts event. See you there!


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